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Mercurio, a virtual assistant that will revolutionize your life

More and more aspects of technology permeate the life of companies, and they become more efficient, efficient and useful from different perspectives. There are now restaurants that don’t require interaction with staff, museums that don’t require guided tours, and many others that adapt to the demands of new technology and are very popular. Yet, inexplicably, the advent of virtual assistants can do more than we expected and make connecting between businesses and customers as easy as possible. From this perspective, if you want to be a person who believes in technology and looks for ways to improve, you have many options. Probably one of the best examples in the space, Advanced Robotics just launched the Mercurio assistant, which has conquered many companies and become a mainstay in consumer and customer service.

The team is ready for every situation

Although they haven’t been on the market for long, the folks at Advanced Robotics have distinguished themselves in the industry with a seriousness and professionalism second to none. They have excellent technical preparation and are able to simplify the installation process by doing everything quickly. Also, they are willing to answer your concerns and make any necessary changes so that you are happy with the end result and can continue to expand your business without interruption.

There are many satisfied customers

Advanced Robotics Mercurio is their core product, designed with artificial intelligence to meet a wide range of customer service and support needs. From a functional point of view, it has proven to be very effective and has already convinced some well-known Romanian companies. Mercurio is now used by MobExpert and Sony with further extension possibilities. If you want to be among those who want to evolve and turn to Advanced Robotics, then stop thinking.

Virtual assistant for various tasks

If we think that this technology is only applicable to more technical industries, it is reassuring that Mercury can be successfully used in other companies as well. Whether it’s a coffee shop, a sporting goods store, or a building supply store, customer service can always improve, and now virtual assistants can help. The solution is in your hands, you just need a little courage and trust, because all the possibilities presented to you here are worth the investment you can imagine and realize in such a system. A kiosk system like this is just what your thriving business needs.

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